Luminosity Masking in darktable (Ian Hex)

Photographer Ian Hex was kind enough to be a guest writer over on PIXLS.US with a fantastic tutorial on creating and using Luminosity Masks in the raw processing software darktable.

You can find the new tutorial over on PIXLS.US:

I had previously looked at a couple of amazing shots from Ian over on the PIXLS.US blog, when I introduced him as a guest writer. I thought it might be nice to re-post some of his work here...

The Reverence of St. Peter by Ian Hex (cc-by-sa-nc)

Fire of Whitby Abbey by Ian Hex (cc-by-sa-nc)

Wonder of Variety by Ian Hex (cc-by-sa-nc)

Ian has many more amazing images from Britain of breathtaking beauty over on his site, Lightsweep. Be sure to check them out!


I have also written an update on the status of the site over on the PIXLS.US blog. TL;DR: It's still coming along! :)

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