An Update about G'MIC on

David Tschumperlé has a blog over at and it appears that after releasing G'MIC he had some time to write down and share some thoughts about the last 10 months of working on G'MIC.

He covers a lot of ground in this post (as you can imagine for not having reported anything in a long time while working hard on the project). He talks about some neat new functionality and filters added like color curves in others colorspaces, comics colorization, color transfer (from one image to another), website for film emulation (yay!), foreground extraction, engrave, triangulation, and much more.

Interactive Foreground Extraction

Engrave Filter

A short table of contents for the post:

  1. The G’MIC Project : Context and Presentation
  2. New G’MIC features for color processing
  3. An algorithm for foreground/background extraction
  4. Some new artistic filters
  5. A quick view of the other improvements
  6. Perspectives and Conclusions

David may not write as often as I think he should but when he does - he certainly does! :) Head over and check out the latest news on an awesome image processing framework!


  1. Great filters set. I know it from Krita, where is integrated since several revisions ago (in Krita it has a search box, Gimp plugin developers should copy the idea, because with 400 filters a search tool should be mandatory), but I think it lacks an unshake filter, or at least I havent found it. I don't know this filter suite very well, to be hones, so, can I abuse you knowledge and ask is do you know if there's already one and maybe I've missed it? By "unshake" I mean this:

    There's a "Convolve" filter in Gmic, do you know if is there an opposite, a "Deconvolve" one, which also manages shaken images, of know of any other plugin that works on Linux? I tried an old plugin for Gimp called Refocus-it, but is unmanageably slow, unless one only works with low resolution images, and the results are rather bad (at least I haven't been able to get decent results with no too shaken nor blurred images.

    Thanks for your time.

    1. I would ask in the official G'MIC forums: I don't believe there is one just yet, but the devs often get ideas from the community... :)

    2. I don't like much the idea of registering in a forum to ask a simple question, nor I use the other services one can log in (yeah, I'm that guy who doesn't even have a Facebook nor Google account, xD), but I've been taking a look, and that forum seems very interesting for those interested in FLOSS image editing. I'll register soon.

      Thanks again. :)